Lake of Fire

About this book

What will we experience after we walk through the doorway that is death? Some say that we will be given new bodies with limitless power the power to call on nature to do our bidding. Travel to a remote island in the Atlantic in the 1600’s where this transformation has already happened to a small community hidden from the world. Follow Uru as he discovers what it means to be fully human, and the cost demanded for that transformation. Experience life as it was meant to be experienced from the very beginning. Enter into a quest with Uru and his friends as they set out to destroy the last of the demonic black trees of Kytan.

Follow Mary the valiant as she descends into the redemptive fires of Hell. Explore with her its many layers all of which lead to the lake of fire that she must enter into if she is to acquire the power necessary to defeat the tree of despair. Along the way there will be demonic monsters to slay and unexpected friends to be made. If you have ever wondered what life will be like after death the answers are only the turn of a page away.

This is the third book in the Narrow Path series. Book one of the series is The Song of the Bear. Book two of the series is A Ship Called Eros. This book can be read as a stand alone book although if you like it, we encourage you to read The Song of the Bear.

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