Song of the Bear

About this book

We all have a choice between living a meaningless life governed by a space, time, and chance or entering into a poetic life where every moment is touched by the hand of God. Take a break from the plastic culture of our age and join John, a seventeenth century farmer in the Black Forest of Germania as he is drawn into a quest to stop an evil plot thousands of years in the making. Follow John as he and his three young companions brave perilous threats from cursed beasts as old as mankind and an evil that has slumbered far longer. Learn to trust in the narrow path with John and his companions before it is too late.

The Song of the Bear is intended as a therapeutic fiction, which is amply accomplished. As an oncologist, Dr. Mark Tungesvik noticed his patients needed a bridge from the shock and despair of finding out they had cancer, to the hope of a new life. After over a decade of supporting his patients both physically and spiritually, Dr. Tungesvik wrote this book to capture the essence of moving out of a dark and challenging place to a reality where hope can be found. This story begins with John, a man driven close to madness from grief after the death of his wife. We take John’s hand as we walk with him through his grief as our reality begins to meld with his. As we follow John, we are swept into an adventure where nothing is as it seems. We must relearn our reality with John piece by piece. We are asked to trust in the narrow path – a path that only reveals a short distance ahead and promises certain death if we slow down or turn back.

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