​​In this life we are in a state of perpetual transformation. We are all changing into something. If we pay no attention to our path then we are simply transformed into whatever mold is made for us by our current culture. It is easy to put our lives on autopilot and wake up 20 years later with no clue as to what has happened to us. Periods of extreme adversity, such as being diagnosed with cancer, afford us an opportunity to pull out of auto pilot and begin to take active control of our transformational path. ​​

​​The Narrow Path series is designed to open our eyes to the cultural box we have built ourselves into and to provide imaginative tools for breaking out of that box. In “The Song of the Bear”, we are shown what it would look like to actually have a relationship with our creator. We are given a framework of reality that allows for hope and meaning. The first step in finding hope is to imagine a reality where hope can exist. In the second book of the Narrow Path series, “A Ship Called Eros”, we are shown what it would look like to live a life of adventure in this new reality. The second step in finding hope is to imagine your new transformed self living this life to the fullest. The third book, which will be out soon, explores our concepts of heaven and hell. Our transformational life does not end at death – it keeps on going. If we are to live this life to the fullest under our new reality, we will need to have a solid image of what life will be like when we die. If we live in fear of passing through the threshold of death, we cannot enter into the adventure that is our life.